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Design consultations


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Get more out of your floor with a design consultation from Harry’s Carpets


Design consultations with a specialist from Harry’s Carpets apply a holistic touch to your home. Sure, you come to Harry’s Carpets for beautiful flooring, but that flooring has to work with the rest of your house. Our design consultants take a whole house approach when working with you. In fact, not only can they find you the best floors, they can bring their skills to decorating projects that go beyond flooring.

Our design consultants can work up a plan for a room or your whole house. This would include window treatments, walls and ceilings, furniture, appliances, and, of course, flooring. If circumstances dictate that the design needs to be completed in stages, we can give you a plan of work that can be implemented step-by-step.

Harry’s Carpets’ design consultation service is available to clients in greater San Francisco including Burlingame, Daly City, South San Francisco, San Bruno and San Mateo.

Before your design consultation

In order to learn more about your aesthetics, we ask that you put together a design folio that includes:
  • Clippings from magazines
  • Downloaded photos from the Internet
  • Photos you have taken
  • Paint chips
  • Fabric or wallpaper swatches

We also ask that you bring some digital snaps of the areas you want to renew. These can be quick photos; we want an idea of what the space looks like now.
Flooring Design Consultation in Burlingame, CA

During the design consultation

The object of the design consultation is to learn as much about you and how you expect to use your floor as possible. Your design consultant will ask you about
  • Why you need a new floor; how is the room used
  • What is your budget
  • What kind of flooring do you have in mind

Don’t be surprised of your design consultant shows you some samples that are slightly out of the box. It’s the mission of your design consultation to show you all the flooring that fits your requirements, not just the expected.